Can You Use a Raspberry Pi to Mine Bitcoins?

Is it profitable to use a Raspberry Pi for mining? If it is, how?

Mine Bitcoin with Raspberry Pi

Many new users ask this question, can you use a raspberry pi to mine bitcoins? Many people are learning about the advantages of this piece of hardware and wondering if it is possible to make money by using it. Basically when you get started with this kind of project you will be able to use your raspberry PI to do basically anything with it. It is full-featured and can do anything that a computer can! You will be able to run various programs that will help you make money.
There are several companies that have started selling these types of mining rigs for a lot less money than they were originally going to cost. These Raspberry Pis can be yours when you know how to work to find them! The internet has made it really easy to find the right rig for you and your needs. Do not worry about the Raspberry Pi stopping you from achieving your goal. You can always go back online to find more information on what rigs are available or if there is one that you have been looking for that you just missed.

Purchase a Raspberry Pi Online

There are two basic ways to use a Raspberry Pi to mine for money. Either by purchasing a readymade system that you can buy online, or setting up one yourself. It really does not matter which method you choose, as long as you can find a dealer to sell you one.
If you purchase the raspberry system online you can be sure that it is legit because all the major companies will display the official website with all the specifications. All the major dealers will have a solid reputation that makes it clear that they will not defraud you in any way. When you make the purchase read the terms and conditions because some of the features of some of the rigs can make the price a bit inflated. You will also need to find a reputed online retailer who can provide you with a package that includes the Raspberry Pi and the mining software. Most retailers will offer free delivery to your door so make sure you check before you pay for the order.

Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Mining with AntMiner U2

Once you have everything that you need ready then you are going to need to determine how much you wish to make. Try to estimate this price in your mind first and once you have an accurate price in your head test it against the current market price. The reason that you should do this is because some dealers can give you great discounts but they can also make the price a little higher. This is because they know that you will try to sell the Raspberry Pi before you actually end up making any profit on the item. Some people have actually ended up selling their Raspberry Pis on eBay when they realized that they would not make any profits on them due to these sorts of price discrepancies.


To conclude, yes you can use a Raspberry Pi to mine Bitcoins. You can even make a lot of money if you play your cards right. However, there is no guarantee that you will make any money. The price of the Raspberry Pi is low enough for anyone to afford and it is also possible to install and configure a mine on your computer. However, it is still best to test out the waters first by setting a realistic price and then after you see how profitable it is stick to it!